Beef Shank Beef Tendon and Pork Tongue with House Spicy Sauce $6.95
Beef or Lamb Skewer Cumin Flavor $6.95+
Sliced Pork in Garlic Sauce $6.95
Boiled Chicken in Chili Sauce $6.95
Preserved Duck Eggs with Chili Sauce $6.95
Garlic Cucumber $4.95
Beef Tendon in Spicy Sauce $6.95
Chicken Feet in Spice and Sour Sauce $6.95
Pork Ear in Hot Chili Oil $6.95
Sliced Beef Shank with Spicy Sauce $6.95
Belt Fish with Spicy Cumin Sauce $7.95
Sliced Lily Root in Spicy Sauce $5.95
Szechuan Style Bean Jello in Chili Sauce $5.95
Bamboo Shoot in Hot Chili Oil $5.95
String Bean in Ginger Sauce $5.95

Chicken Soup $3.25+
Duck Soup $3.25+
Pork Rib with Chinese Yam Soup $12.95
Pork Rib with Tomato Soup $10.95
Pork Rib with Winter Melon Soup $10.95
Corn Soup with Minced Chicken $8.95
Hot and Sour Soup $8.95
Minced Beef ToFu Soup $8.95
Tomato and Egg Soup $8.95
Vegetable ToFu Soup $8.95

Folk Cuisine
House Special Hot and Spicy Crab $24.95
Crab Stir Fried with Dry Red Chili Pepper $24.95
Sea Cucumber in House Spicy Sauce $28.95
Family Style Sea Cucumber $28.95
Kung Pao Scallop $16.95
Scallop Stir Fried with Sauteed Asparagus $16.95
Salmon Stir Fried with Sweet Pea $16.95
Salmon in House Special Sauce $16.95
Chinese Yellow Fish with Pickled Chili $12.95
Kung Pao Prawns $13.95
Sauteed Eel in Spicy Chili Sauce $13.95
Brown Beech Mushroom Stir Fried with Smoked Pork $12.95
Duck and Yam Cake Slow Cooked in Hot and Spicy Beer Sauce $13.95
Tender Fish Fillet with Chopped Chili Pepper $12.95
Prawns with House Special Sauce $14.95
Crispy Fish Fillet in Spicy Black Bean Sauce $12.95
Crispy Fish Fillet in Sweet and Sour Sauce $12.95
Fried Prawn and Potato with Chili Pepper $13.95
Frog with Pickled Chili Pepper $16.95
Chinese Yellow Fish in Hot Chili Pepper $12.95
Crispy Fish Fillet in Dry Red Chili Pepper $12.95
Prawn a La Szechuan $13.95
Frog with Chef's Special Sauce $16.95
Crispy Prawn with Sweet and Sour Sauce $13.95
Walnut Prawns $13.95
Crispy Chicken with Spicy Sweet and Sour Sauce $8.95
Live Fish in House Spicy Broth $24.95+
Tender Fish Fillet and Tofu Boiled in Hot and Spicy Sauce $12.95+
Steamed Fish Head with Chopped Chili Pepper $21.95+
Live Fish Seasoned with Spicy Black Bean Sauce $17.95+
Live Fish in Spicy Black Bean Sauce $21.95+
Tender Fish Fillet and Tofu Boiled in Szechuan Pickled Mustard Broth $12.95+
Live Fish and Tofu in Spicy Sauce $17.95+
Pork Blood in House Spicy Sauce $12.95
Kung Pao Chicken $8.95
Griddle Cooked Shredded Cabbage $11.95
Sliced Pork Steamed with Szechuan Preserved Vegetable $9.95
Duck Cooked in Ginger Spicy Sauce $13.95
Chicken with Hot Chili Pepper $13.95
Farm Raised Frog in Spicy Sauce $16.95
Diced Chicken with Dry Chili Pepper $12.95
Beef Stir Fried with Assorted Onions $9.95
Tender Beef Boiled in Spicy Broth $12.95
Lamb Stew in Hot and Spicy Sauce Served in Mini Hotpot $14.95
Sliced Lamb Stir Fried with Spicy Cumin $12.95
Beef Stir Fried with Hot Chili Pepper $9.95
Sliced Lamb Stir Fried with Chili Pepper $12.95
Orange Beef $9.95
Chicken Organs Stir Fried with Pickled Chili $12.95
Pork Intestine in Day Pot Dry Red Chili in Mini Hot Pot $12.95
Pig Kidney Stir Fried with Pickled Chili $10.95
Orange Chicken $8.95
Basil Chicken with Chili Pepper $8.95
Steamed Egg with Tofu $11.95
Steamed Pork Rib with Sweet Rice $12.95
Dry Cooked Beef with Spicy Cumin Sauce $9.95
Pork Shoulder with Quail Egg $14.95
Sizzling Beef Short Rib with Black Pepper $13.95
Beef Short Rib with Hot Chili Pepper $13.95
Sliced Lamb Stir Fried with Green Onion $12.95
Diced Chicken Stir Fried with Hot Chili Pepper $8.95
Hot Spicy Beef Stew in Mini Hotpot $13.95
Beef Stir Fried with Spicy Black Bean Sauce $9.95
Pork Kidney in Spicy Broth $10.95
Pork Ribs in Spicy Sweet and Sour Sauce $13.95
Pork Stew with Eel $13.95
Beef Stir Fried with Pickled Chili Pepper $9.95
Pork Intestine with Hot Chili Pepper $12.95
Eggplant in Clay Pot $12.95
A La Sichuan Shredded Pork $8.95
Pork Intestine Stir Fried $12.95
Beef Stir Fried with Assorted Mushrooms $9.95
Mongolian Beef $9.95
Sliced Pork with Hot Chili Pepper $9.95
Sauteed Lotus Root with Chili in Clay Pot $11.95
Crispy Kung Pao Tofu $9.95
Ground Pork Stir Fried with Pickled Long Bean $9.95
House Smoked Pork Stir Fried with Leek $9.95
Family Style Twice Cooked Pork with Bell Pepper $9.95
Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork $9.95

Vegetable Dishes
Boiled Bok Choy $8.95
Sauteed Chinese Yam $12.95
Eggplant with Garlic Soup $8.95
Crisp Tofu with Vegetables $8.95
Pan Fried Lily Root with Dry Red Chili $8.95
Celery Stir Fried with Bean Curd $8.95
Dry Cooked String Bean with Minced Pork $8.95
Pan Fried Shredded Potato with Bell Pepper $8.95
Pan Fried Shredded Potato with Vinegar Sauce $8.95
Sweet and Sour Cabbage $8.95
Sauteed Pea Sprout $12.95
Cucumber Stir Fried with Wood Ear $8.95
Sauteed Asparagus $12.95
Tofu with Seafood $10.95
Mapo Tofu $8.95
Seasonal Vegetables Pan Fried or Steamed $8.95+

Rice and Noodles
Seafood Fried Rice $9.95
YangZhou Style Fried Rice $8.95
Egg Fried Rice $8.95
Shrimp Fried Rice $9.95
Pork Fried Rice $8.95
Beef Fried Rice $8.95
Chicken Fried Rice $8.95
Combo Fried Rice $9.95
Vegetable Fried Rice $8.95
Pork Chow Mein $8.95
Beef Chow Mein $8.95
Chicken Chow Mein $8.95
Shrimp Chow Mein $9.95
Vegetable Chow Mein $8.95
Seafood Chow Mein $9.95
Combo Chow Mein $9.95

Dessert and Side Dishes
Pot Stickers (6 Pcs) $5.95
Egg Rolls (4 Pcs) $4.50
Cold Noodle with Spicy Sauce $7.95
Hot and Sour Sweet Potato Noodle $7.95
Green Onion Pancake (2 Pcs) $3.95
Black Sesame Rice Ball $5.95
Dan Dan Noodles $4.25+
Pork Wonton Soup $4.25+
Pork Dumplings (12 Pcs) $7.95
Pork Wonton Soup with Spicy Sauce (12 Pcs) $7.95
Taro Roll (4 Pcs) $5.95
Sweet Yam Cake (4 Pcs) $4.95
Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Sweet Rice Wine $5.95

Soda $1.50+
Plum Juice $2.00
Soy Milk $2.00
Orange Juice $2.00
Apple Juice $2.00
Lemonade $2.00
Iced Tea $2.00
Yogurt $2.75
Wong Lo Kat $2.50